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Hotel Villa Esperia Dintorni - Gole dell’Alcantara

Gole dell’Alcantara

They are 300.000 years old, the actual river flow has been given from the last lava path about 8.000 years ago. Most probably their presence is given by the Moio Hill close by the river side. Recent...

Hotel Villa Esperia Dintorni - Savoca


Once you get in Savoca, after being nearly climbing from the bottom to the top, you can’ t stop to the most famous bar ever BAR VITELLI, got famous with the Godfather movie from F.F. Coppola, where Mr....

Hotel Villa Esperia Dintorni - Forza D’agrò

Forza D’agrò

Is a magic place overlooking the Taormina coast. The main square in the city center has been builded with lavic stones composing a mosaic, all around trees close by the view point. The panorama is just...

Hotel Villa Esperia Dintorni - Castelmola


Castelmola is a cozy small village on top of the city of Taormina. Is a lovely medieval village, where time has stopped. Well kept in every single aspect and far away from contemporary style is a must see...

Hotel Villa Esperia Dintorni - Taormina


Taormina is located on the hill area of the east coast. Close by the Etna Mountain, the volcano is the highest in Europe and well know all over the world. The city has a greek-roman theater still in use,...

Hotel Villa Esperia Dintorni - Etna


Etna, the most active volcano in the entire world, called also Mongibello, is located in the middle of the east coast. The Vulcano has a diameter of 40 km and 3.300 meters height. The top has got 3 main...